The Friary of Valletta is found in the main street of the City. It was established in 1598. In evidence we have a letter to the Minister General M.R. Fr. Phillip Gesualdi by the Grand Master of that time: Martin Garzes. (cfr. Giuliana del convento dei frati minori conventuali di san Fracesco di questa citta eretto nel 1598).
Founder of the Friary is the Most Rev. Fr. Daniel La Greca from Nicosia in Sicily.
The friars entered Valletta since the beginning of the city. In 1567 the Grand Master of the Knights' Order gave a piece of land to our ancestors in a place knows as: "dekke forbici" (scissors deck) today known as "Due Balli". After some time the friars had to abandon the place because of the plague.
Later on the Grandmaster Carzes gave them another piece of land at the place where the friary stands today.

The first friary had an entrance in Strait Street and today it holds the Provincial Curia.
The Church was built between 1600 and 1604. It is dedicated to St. Francis receiving the stigmata, which feast is celebrated on the 17 of September. The paintings in the Church are by Guseppe Cali. In 1613, the friary begun hosting the Collegio Sant Antonio. In 1637 the M.R. Fr Phillip Cagliola OFM Conv founded a Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary  in our church. The aim of the confraternity is to promote the teaching of the blessed Giovanni duns Scotus, and act charitably towards the needy. The Confraternity still exists today.
The friars are known for their renowned life and service. They are sought for confessions, spiritual direction and preaching from various parishes.

St. Francis Friary is very much sought for confessions.

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