It is not yet known when exactly the Franciscans came first to Malta, but we can find maltese franciscans before 1270. We can easily say that the Conventual Franciscans came to Malta before the year 1347 and built their church and friary near the hospital of St. Francis, which later on came to be known as "Santo Spirito" hospital. In 1640 the friary was rebuilt as it was no longer a place suitable to live in.

St Francis Church Important Dates
1334: A friar from the Sicilian Province Henry of Cefalu became Bishop of Malta. Historians have it that the beginning of the franciscans in Malta happed during his time(1334-1370).
Various friars were Rectors of St Francis Hospital annexed to this Church since those early days. Nicholas Papalla was the first to receive the rectorship from King Ludwig of Aragona (1342-1355). The Hospital was called of the Franciscan Church. So the Church existed before the Hospital. Today's Church the church was also rebuilt by Lorenzo Gaf after being extensively damaged by the 1693 earthquake.

In this church a devotion to Our Lady of Good Health "Madonna tas-Sahha" developed and continued to increase even when a new painting of the Virgin took the place of the older one: people visiting their sick relatives at the Santo Spirito Hospital and at the Saura hospital used to visit the church to pray the Virgin requesting her help for their sick relatives. The painting was solemnly crowned on the 4th April 1949.

Marriages can be celebrated in this church.

The friars are sought for their renowned life and service. They administer confessions, spiritual direction and preaching in various parishes. Several friars give service on Radio and Television both local and national. Several others are involved in the government of the Province.
The Friars greet the pilgrims that visit Our Lady of good Health and guide them in the prayers, seeking the blessings and graces that God bestows on those who come to him, attracted by the appeal that Our Lady and the Saints make to the people of good will. Pray and it shall be granted to you.

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