Since 1905, Burmarrad became dependent of St. Paul's Bay Parish Church and therefore where under the guidance of our confreres who became established in St. Paul’s Bay. The people of Burmarrad were insisting to have regular and daily Mass in their locality. The Bishop was insisting that they were being served at St. Paul Milqghi Chapel on Sundays and  feast days.
The Archbishop Monsignor Michael Gonzi consecrated the Church on the 30th of May 1964. In this Church we find three main altars: one main altar (Major) upon which we find the painting by the artist Envyn Cremona which represent Our Lady with Saint Luke and Saint Paul, together with Saint Francis and Saint Maximilian Kolbe.
In the main altar the remains (bones) of Saint Grato and Saint Giocondo are embedded. The other two altars are dedicated, one to Saints Paul and Publius, and the other to Saint Anthony of Padua, also paintings of Envin Cremona.
In 1937, the doctrine MUSEUM formed its first classes. In 1947 there existed about three hundred christians in 65 families.
They were insisting with the parish priest to seek permission to have Mass at an old chapel which was more nearer to their houses. The chapel was abandoned for long time and it was in a very bad state. After many hard discussions, in 1955 permission was granted. The friars with the help of the local people began to put it in order. When the friars saw the enthusiasm of the people they decided to build a new one.
On the 17th of February 1957 the Provincial M.R. Fr. Provincial Pius Mamo OFM Conv blessed the "Corner Stone", and Fr Dominic Bonello OFM Conv. with Br. Philip Grima OFM Conv. were entrusted with the new project. On the 16th of March 1958, the M.R. Fr. Seraphim Galea OFM Conv, the parish priest celebrated the first Mass. Then on the 30th of April 1960 the M.R.Fr. Provincial Louis Caruana OFM Conv opened and blessed the new church. But the first community was formed only after the friary was constructed. Fr. Augustine Magro OFM Conv became the first superior of the first community.
The friars are sought for their renowned life and service. They are sought for preaching from various parishes,  teach at the Faculty of theology at the University of Malta. Others gave  contribution in the bishop's curia.

Masses time-table...

5.30am, 6.15am, 6.15pm (winter), 7.00pm (summer)

Saturday: 5.30am, 6.15am, 6.15pm (winter), 7.00pm (summer)

Sunday: 5.00pm, 7.30am, 9.00am

Lunzjata Church: 5,00pm (winter), 5.45pm (summer)

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